Host Tertulia

If your restaurant is interested in hosting Tertulia during our 2016-2017 season, please fill out the form below.

How Tertulia Works

The evening is formatted as a dinner-concert, with three performances separated by extended intermissions. A typical Tertulia presents 60 minutes of music, with at least 75 minutes for eating, drinking, and socializing. During performances restaurant service is held and conversation stops.

A typical Tertulia:

7:00 pm Tertulia begins - guests arrive, check in, order cocktails, place dinner order
7:30 pm First performance (20') - guests are all seated, service is suspended
7:50 pm Dinner is served
8:40 pm Second performance (20') - conversation stops, service is suspended
9:00 pm Dessert is served
9:15 pm Final performance (20') - conversation stops, service is suspended
9:35 pm Close tabs, mingle, meet the musicians

*Pacing and performance lengths may vary slightly

Sample Program (PDF)